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July Fierveción 2016

Alô! Estou retomando meus mensais com algumas das minhas favoritas pra pista. Serão sempre dez faixas, nada slow, nada balearic, mas sim house-techno-acid pra bater cabeça. O mixes agora ganham o nome desse blog (Fierveción), o que faz muito sentido, afinal eles são resultado do que posto aqui dia a dia. Enjoy!

Hey! I’m back with my monthly chart mixes. Every 30 days i’ll put together 10 of my current favourite records. No balearic, just dancefloor bangers. ;) Mixes are now called “Fierveción” ‘cause that’s also the name of this blog, where i already post cool new electronic music in a daily basis. Enjoy!

1. Art Of Tones - I Just Can’t (Get Over It) / LOCAL TALK
2. Midland - Final Credits / REGRADED
3. Floorpan - Tell You No Lie / M-PLANT
4. Lost Scripts - A.F.K. / HIVERN DISCS
5. Medlar - Body Action / WOLF MUSIC
6. Autarkic - Rotation! Rotation! (Red Axes Remix) / TURBO
7. Beranek - Dra Te Hælvete (Todd Terje Acid Remix) / OLSEN
8. Unknown - Loving (O.C Edit) / NOUS’KLAER AUDIO
9. Brassica - Tears I Can Afford (Bicep Remix) / CIVIL MUSIC
10. Cosmobrown - Browsers And Sisters / MASTERMAN

Conga Radio - Right Beside You

Members of the House - Summer Nites (Kornél Kovács Remix)